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Here are detailed information on how you can successful make bookings for your Zanzibar Beach Holiday or  Tanzania safari holidays with Ilias Delightful Tours.

Kindly read between lines. Here, are some guidelines to our esteemed visitors to avoid inconveniences & may change from time to time or vary from one tour to another depending on terms that set by our partner service providers like accommodation properties, airlines and the government regulations. Terms and conditions for booking your Zanzibar Beach Holiday or Tanzania Safari are as follows:

How far ahead of time do one need to book?

There is no cut off. However, flights into Zanzibar and  Tanzania  are not many and in that case getting seats on British Airways, KLM, Ethiopian airline, Turkish air & others might be difficulty if you attempt to book less than two months before traveling. For peak season it is advised to book up at least nine months before your travel dates.

Zanzibar & Tanzania gets busy in July to October and again in mid/early December as well as early January. After peak and festive seasons there is no trouble of booking if you plan your Beach holiday or Tanzania safari for not less than six to eight months in advance. However, in case of last minutes Beach holidays and Safaris booking please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be more than happy to see what we can do to assist you.


All bookings should be confirmed in writing either by email & upon filling of our booking form.

Consider your bookings confirmed only when a deposit of 30% to 50% of total tour/ package  price is paid and whose receipt has been approved by our bank (this will depend on length of the tour as well as the length of the booking notice).

The balance of 70% or 50% must / shall be paid two weeks before the commencement of the tour. Balance to be paid in cash upon arrival can be negotiated by the sales staff of Ilias Delightful Tours & the clients, in this case the balance is to be paid fully in USD only. Please note USD notes below 2006 are not accepted in  Tanzania so Ilias Delightful Tours  will as well not take them.


  • Children under 3 Years are Free of Charge.
  • Children aged 4 to 12 years are included, pay 50% of the adult rate.
  • Children above 13 years are considered Adults.



All cancellations of reservations must be in writing by email or fax and will be only active upon its receipt and replied by Ilias Delightful Tours sales staff.

  • Cancellation fees to be made for cancellation

  • More than 60 days  prior arrival: Full credit note will be issued for future travel (within a certain period of time)

  • 60 Days to 45 Days prior arrival: 50% of the total tour/package cost shall be charged.

  • 45 Days to 16 Days before arrival: 70% of the total tour/package price shall be charged

  • 15 Days to the arrival day: 100% of the total tour/package cost shall be charged

No refunds for the following
  •  Substitution of the facilities or lost travel time
  • Amendments/modifications of the itineraries after departure
  • Existence of a situation beyond the Company’s control that needs other arrangements made to safeguard safety or promote participation and satisfaction of your Beach holiday or Tanzania safari
  • Not appear at any accommodation, activity, services, or tour section with no prior notice (refer to the above).
  • Termination of premature contract

Once the itinerary is confirmed any amendments by the clients (change of hotel or date) shall not be charged however, if there will be any charges above the cost of the earlier booked cost Ilias Delightful Tours will charge you that difference.


According to Tanzania, law non-residents are required to pay in foreign convertible currencies. In case of any extraneous details, payments can be done in cash. We don’t encourage Credit Cards payment upon arrival at the present since we encountered some problems of frauds in the past and we now put some more emphasis in our Booking Terms and Condition especially when it comes to Payments.

Furthermore, we don’t consider it as a safe way of payment at the moment, therefore; we recommend payment by credit card with an online Link integrated here (PesaPal Link), a Total tour/package cost will be settled with a small number of surcharges. For those Booking with tailor-made customized Packages please inform us once you want to pay for your booking so that we can send you the payment link or find it here (PesaPal link)


The company cannot be held accountable for an airstrip or any road conditions, which might hinder or make travel impossible at times. Any alterations to the preliminary itinerary are subjected to the above-outlined condition regardless of any matters or weather conditions.


The company’s director, management staff, employees, and the owner should not be held responsible in the presence of injury or death of any persons on tour nor for the incidence of loss or damage of personal property, though might they be coursed.

We would like to draw your thoughtfulness to the fact that there are certain natural risks existing when on safari or engaging in any persistent physical activity.

It is, therefore, your sole obligation to acquire proper medical as to medication, inoculation, and see if you are fit enough to carry out the trip, prior to departure. The company should not be answerable for illness, death, or injury sustained while touring the properties managed or owned by the company.


These are the terms and conditions representing the relationship between the organization and you, to the aggregate avoidance of whatever other terms and conditions. No adjustments to the terms and conditions may be made by any of the organization’s workers, approved delegates or operators, unless in composing by an approved officer of the organization. All choices and matters subject to the organization’s circumspection should be by an approved officer of the organization. The Company maintains whatever authority is needed to utilize sub-builders for all or pieces of the administrations.


On the off chance that you have any reason for protests while voyaging, you should instantly bring it to the consideration of the organization’s illustrative or operators who will endeavor to determine the circumstance & resolve the situation promptly.


The installment of the store or whatever other fractional installment for a reservation constitutes agreement to all procurement of the Terms and Conditions. The Terms under which you consent to reserve the spot can’t be changed or altered unless this is carried out in composing and marked by an approved staff of the organization. Please follow the above Booking Terms and Conditions and avoid some unnecessary inconveniences during your Tanzania safaris, Zanzibar beach Holidays or Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing tours, and others.

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